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Feedback from our customers


I want to thank the company "Divanis.org.uk" for their sofas. I ordered a sofa bed and I am really pleased with the high quality of the product. The sofa was delivered in time. Before today, I always bought sofas from famous manufacturers. However, having seen the website "Divanis.org.uk" I saw a sofa bed that I really fenced, and decided to order it immediately. The price of the sofa is quite OK. After receiving the confirmation from the company "Divanis.org.uk", I realized that I’ve made the right choice. The materials used are of the highest quality. Moreover, there is a wide range of types and colours of leather.


I’ve recently had a problem with my couch and I had to buy a new one. A friend of mine told me about the Company 'Divanis'. Gone to the website, I was very surprised by the large choice of models and reasonable prices. So, without any hesitations, I ordered a sofa that I liked and now I am very satisfied by the bargain. 'Divanis' use innovative programs in their work, creating original models, able to compete on the market with famous brands. Sofas, created by the company, look very impressive and stylish.


Hello, I wanted to share with you my feelings after purchasing my couch made by "Divanis.org.uk" Actually, I wanted to buy any Italian sofa. Visiting "Divanis.org.uk" company's website, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of models and colours. The company offers modern designer sofas and is able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. "Divanis.org.uk" has the highest quality products, made of best materials. And, I dare say that the company's quality "Divanis.org.uk" is absolutely superior compared to all other producers on the market.


Good morning! I want to write some words of gratitude to the company "Divanis" which creates large sofas for people who love perfection. Having bought my leather corner sofa made by this company, I immediately realized that I made the right choice. Great masters, with a help of the most modern technologies and materials of the highest quality created this sofa. I use it every day, and I have nothing to complain about. Thank you very much, and I wish you great success in your work!


We would like to thank sincerely the company 'Divanis.org.uk' for their excellent work. This company creates beautiful sofas. Recently, my family bought a sofa. We were pleased by the quality and timely delivery. The company uses top quality materials. The upholstery materials and all the internal mechanisms are also of the highest quality. In addition, the design is excellent. I can say that 'Divanis.org.uk' couches are at the level of the best manufacturers in the world. Surely, I recommend it to all my friends.


Hello, thank you for the excellent quality! I purchased a leather living room set (two sofas and an armchair) and I am very satisfied with my choice. I took the name of the site from my friends who also bought their living room set from "Divanis". What can I say: the product is made with great care. The finishing touches are perfect. The leather is soft and extremely pleasant to touch. The mechanisms work perfectly. The sofa easily opens and closes. In addition, customers have an opportunity to choose, the leather type, quality and colour.


I really want to say thanks to the company 'Divanis.org.uk' for its products. I urgently needed to buy a sofa for my house in the mountains. Currently there is a great choice of sofas on the market. However, I wanted something exclusive and of good quality. At first, I was thinking of buying a ready-made furniture, but I could not find the right sofa for me, neither colours nor forms. Going to the website of the company, I was struck by the good quality, and the variety of products. Having selected the model, I ordered and it was delivered exactly at the agreed time. The sofa I great both of its design and of its quality. That’s why, I recommend this product to everyone.


Good afternoon! I want to express my gratitude to the large company 'Divanis.org.uk'. Recently I’ve purchased their model "Honey." At first, I was thinking for along time whether to order a sofa online, or to buy from a store. However, I was looking at the products on the site and talking to the manager, I decided to order it from the site. And now, I can say, I am very pleased with my choice. First of all, I bought a sofa in the colour I was looking for, secondly, I can say that, this is a product of a very high quality. The sofa is made of soft and beautiful leather. The big advantage is that these seats and cushions can be cleaned very easily. The headrests are versatile and can be easily adjusted to a lower position. Thank you!


Today I want to share with everyone, my pleasant feelings of becoming a customer of Divanis. I bought a sofa and I am very satisfied with my choice. Divanis creates a product far superior, compared with its competitors. I was very surprised with the care paid to the couch details. The covering is made of a very thick leather and is easy to clean. My dogs live in the house and the thickness of sofa’s covering is very important for me. I will use the sofa many years running..