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Leather upholstery options for sofas

Here you can find all the leather upholstery options for your suites and sofas. All colours and qualities on that same page. Please call or email for more information.

Class B Italian HQ Leather Double Thickness

High quality full grain Italian double thick leather (pelle double thickness), thickness 0.059''/ 0.067''.
Exceptionally strong, grains are more visible, recommended for large families with pets.
Regular price.

Leather double thickness colour Ice

3001 Ice

Leather double thickness colour Beige Light

3002 Beige Light

Leather double thickness colour Yellow

3003 Yellow

Leather double thickness colour Red

3004 Red

Leather double thickness colour Bordeaux

3005 Bordeaux

Leather double thickness colour Brown Dark

3007 Brown Dark

Leather double thickness colour Black

3008 Black

Leather double thickness colour White

3009 White

Leather double thickness colour Cream

3010 Cream

Leather double thickness colour Grey Dark

3011 Grey Dark

Leather double thickness colour Turtle Dove

3012 Turtle Dove

Leather double thickness colour Capuccino

3013 Capuccino

Leather double thickness colour Desert

3014 Desert

Leather double thickness colour Brown Light

3015 Brown Light

Leather double thickness colour Mud

3016 Mud

Leather double thickness colour Grey

3017 Grey

Leather double thickness colour Grey Light

3018 Grey Light

Leather double thickness colour Ash

3019 Ash

Leather double thickness colour Blue Marino

3020 Blue Marino

Leather double thickness colour Forest

3021 Forest

Leather double thickness colour Orange

3044 Orange

Leather double thickness colour Honey

3100 Honey

Class C Buffalo Leather

Beautiful, thick and slightly shiny leather with an orange peel pattern.
The shine of the leather gives the sofa an especially excellent look.
Highly suggested for modern and contemporary interiors.
Thickness 0,059''.
Regular price +10%.

Leather Buffalo colour Bordeaux


Leather Buffalo colour Yellow


Leather Buffalo colour Brown


Leather Buffalo colour Brown Light

Brown Light

Leather Buffalo colour Brown Dark

Brown Dark

Leather Buffalo colour Black


Leather Buffalo colour Cream


Leather Buffalo colour Red


Leather Buffalo colour Red Ferrari

Red Ferrari

Leather Buffalo colour Green


Class C Crocodile Leather

Excellent 0,059'' thick leather with a crocodile skin pattern.
The bold look of this sofa will be the perfect addition to your country style living room.
Very resistant and easy to clean.
Regular price +10%.

Leather Crocodile colour Bordeaux


Leather Crocodile colour Brown


Leather Crocodile colour Cognac


Leather Crocodile colour Green


Leather Crocodile colour Black


Leather Crocodile colour Olive


Leather Crocodile colour Red


Leather Crocodile colour White


Class D Old Style 'Savage' Leather

Here’s the deal!
Wonderful soft to the touch and highly resistant leather.
Great for giving any couch a beautiful vintage look enhanced by a versatile choice of original colours.
Thickness 0.039''.
Regular price +15%.

Leather Savage colour Armagnac


Leather Savage colour Beige


Leather Savage colour Black


Leather Savage colour Bordeaux


Leather Savage colour Camel


Leather Savage colour Cognac


Leather Savage colour Cuoio


Leather Savage colour Fargo


Leather Savage colour Olive


Leather Savage colour Ranch


Leather Savage colour Tabac


Leather Savage colour Taupe


Leather Savage colour Tocai


Class E Leather 'Maya'

Very smooth leather with touch like velvet.
Same quality of Nabuck leather.
Thickness 0,039''.
Regular price +20%.

Leather Maya colour Cognac

7301 Cognac

Leather Maya colour Desert

7302 Desert

Leather Maya colour Terra

7303 Terra

Leather Maya colour Lava

7304 Lava

Leather Maya colour Dark Brown

7305 Dark Brown

Leather Maya colour Rhino

7306 Rhino

Leather Maya colour Stone

7307 Stone

Leather Maya colour Cloud

7308 Cloud

Leather Maya colour Blue Darkhan

7309 Blue Darkhan

Leather Maya colour Anthracite

7310 Anthracite

Class E Leather 'Terra'

Shiny and soft: robe with excellence, of grit and clear embossed.
Thickness 0,039''.
Regular price +20%.

Leather Terra colour Rope

5701 Rope

Leather Terra colour Swamp

5702 Swamp

Leather Terra colour Brandy

5703 Brandy

Leather Terra colour Tobacco

5704 Tobacco

Class F Full Aniline Leather 'Vintage'

Beautiful top of the line leather. Highly recommended.
Smooth and resistant, thick but lovely.
This leather designed in a variety of very special colours is used to create fantastic modern leather sofas giving your room an exceptionally elegant feel.
Thickness 0,059''.
Regular price +30%

Leather Full aniline colour Rye

7001 Rye

Leather Full aniline colour Whiskey

7002 Whiskey

Leather Full aniline colour Cuoio

7003 Cuoio

Leather Full aniline colour Barley

7004 Barley

Leather Full aniline colour Brown Dark

7005 Brown Dark

Leather Full aniline colour Grey

7006 Grey

Leather Full aniline colour Black

7007 Black