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Leather sofa Cordoba

A beautiful corner sofa with adjustable backrests.
It’s a modern corner sofa for a living room. The entire sofa is made of thick leather. The backs and seats are decorated with stitching. CORDOBA has an exceptional comfort due to memory rubber inserted in the seat cushions. Three backrests are adjustable with six shots (the angle of the backrests can be fixed). The feet are made of polished stainless steel.

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Corner sofa design Standard

Photo 1: Corner sofa design Standard

Corner sofa, top view

Photo 2: Corner sofa, top view

Corner sofa design Junior

Photo 3: Corner sofa design Junior

Corner sofa design Senior

Photo 4: Corner sofa design Senior


Version Description Photo Dimensions Price Upfront payment
by Stripe
Corner Senior 4 cushions Corner sofa senior design Cordoba 330 x 330 10550 7385
Corner Standard 3 cushions Corner sofa standard design Cordoba 330 x 255 8900 6230
Corner Junior 2 cushions Corner sofa senior junior Cordoba 255 x 255 7850 5495
4 seater 2 cushions large Sofa 4 seater design Cordoba 320 6825 4778
3 seater 2 cushions Sofa 3 seater design Cordoba 240 5665 3965
2 seater 2 cushions Sofa 2 seater design Cordoba 200 4970 3479
Armchair 1 cushion Armchair design Cordoba 150 3240 2268

Prices shown refer to standard models in leather Class B

Available as Sofa-Bed How to order? Leather options

Technical details

Total height of the sofa: with folding back opened 110 cm, with folding back closed 76 cm
Total depth of the sofa: 105 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
Seat depth: 65 cm
Arms width: 40 cm
Feet: stainless steel
Frame: entirely of beech wood and plywood
Fillings: high quality polyurethane foam
Cushions and armrests: polyurethane foam 30 kg/m3
Folding backs: polyurethane foam 25 kg/m3
Warranty: minimum 2 years, under the regular usage conditions