Divanis means Sofas. Divanis.org.uk means Best Italian Leather Sofas.

About the company

Leather sofa is the best decision for any interior. Italian leather sofas are beautiful and practical; they are the best in the world. Italy has always been and remains a trendsetter in the world of design and fashion. This website contains a modern collection of sofas and leather suites directly from the manufacture Calia Maddalena. We produce classic and modern couches, corner sofas and armchairs of the highest quality. You can order any version and size of any sofa, also you can choose, type, colour and thickness of leather upholstery. While paying though Pay Pal you get 30% discount. We provide guaranty service on our sofas from 3 to 5 years.

Modern leather sofa design

Sofa Airport

Ultramodern Sofa with Minimalistic Design

Leather sofa Airport Info and price

Sofa Albatros

Large Soft Comfortable Corner Sofa Made of Microfiber Fabrics

Leather sofa Albatros Info and price

Sofa Boxer

Contemporary Leather Sofa with 3 Seats and Steel Legs

Leather sofa Boxer Info and price

Sofa Chesterfield Rex

Sofa in Classic Chesterfield Style

Leather sofa Chesterfield Info and price

Sofa Cordoba

Beautiful Corner Sofa with Adjustable Backrests

Leather sofa Cordoba Info and price

Sofa Corona

Modern Designer Sofa with Adjustable Backrests

Leather sofa Corona Info and price

Sofa Divanis

Corner Sofa with Chaise-Longue

Leather sofa Divanis Info and price

Sofa Ercole

Comfortable Sofa for Maximum Relaxation and Comfort

Leather sofa Ercole Info and price

Sofa Expert

Excellent Corner Seating Area with Coffee Table

Leather sofa Expert Info and price

Sofa History

Corner Sofa with Goose Feather

Leather sofa History Info and price

Sofa Honey

Contemporary Sofa with Soft and Elegant Lines

Leather sofa Honey Info and price

Sofa Incanto

Spacious Sofa with Adjustable Backrests

Leather sofa Incanto Info and price

Sofa Pandora

Comfortable Leather Corner Sofa

Leather sofa Pandora Info and price

Sofa Polis

Contemporary Sofa with Armrests of Ultra-Modern Form

Leather sofa Polis Info and price

Sofa Tibet

Completely Relaxing Sofa with Rounded Forms

Leather sofa Tibet Info and price

Sofa Twenty

Very Comfortable Sofa for Spacious Interiors

Leather sofa Twenty Info and price


Feedback from our customers

I want to thank the company 'Divanis.org.uk' for their sofas. I ordered a sofa bed and I am really pleased with the high quality of the product. The sofa was delivered in time. Before today, I always bought sofas from famous manufacturers. However, having seen the website 'Divanis.org.uk' I saw a sofa bed that I really fenced, and decided to order it immediately. The price of the sofa is quite OK. After receiving the confirmation from the company 'Divanis.org.uk', I realized that I’ve made the right choice. The materials used are of the highest quality. Moreover, there is a wide range of types and colours of leather.

I’ve recently had a problem with my couch and I had to buy a new one. A friend of mine told me about the Company "Divanis". Gone to the website, I was very surprised by the large choice of models and reasonable prices. So, without any hesitations, I ordered a sofa that I liked and now I am very satisfied by the bargain. "Divanis" use innovative programs in their work, creating original models, able to compete on the market with famous brands. Sofas, created by the company, look very impressive and stylish.

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b) calling to Italian phones: +39 338 4328810, +39 080 3146173

c) by email: info@divanis.it

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